We strongly believe that a large sporting event such as EUSA Combat Championships, Zagreb, 2019 would be impossible without the help of volunteers. We would like to provide them the unique experience of participating in the organization of this massive cultural and multi-sports event. We know that the success of the EUSA Combat  Championships, Zagreb, 2019 will largely depend on the motivation and skills of our volunteers.  




Through volunteer activities in sports, young people acquire knowledge, skills and competencies that contribute to their career development and through the connection of sport, volunteering and education, the Volunteer Department wants to actively contribute to the informal methods of learning which already exist.




The Volunteer Department made an Operational plan based on past experience in European and World University Championships and other international sports events. The document’s aim is to provide a quality organization of voluntary activities in the preliminary and implementation phase of the EUSA Combat  Championships, Zagreb, 2019.  



During EUSA Combat Championships, Zagreb, 2019 

volunteers will be involved in 9 different teams such as:

  • Attaché team
  • Accreditations & IT team
  • Cultural, protocol & social activities team
  • Media, marketing and photography team
  • Sports team
  • Medical team
  • Administration team
  • Info point team
  • Logistics & security team




Regardless of the team, all volunteers will have the same mission: delivering the best experience for the participants of the EUSA Combat Championship, Zagreb, 2019.  

Being aware of the importance of volunteer rights and obligations, as well as the value of volunteer contributions to the successful organization of sports events, the EUSA Combat Championships, Zagreb, 2019 Volunteers’ Coordinator will provide an educational plan which will include workshops and test events for the volunteers starting from April 2019; with participation depending on the time volunteers signed up using the Championship’ official internet application form



EUSA Combat Championship, Zagreb, 2019 will continue to promote volunteering among students and in sport.