Athletes, Officials, Referees



The top contribution of entire European Universities Games Zagreb – Rijeka 2016 was the reconstruction of student accommodation facilities in Zagreb and Rijeka. Thanks to European Universities Games, Zagreb student dormitories “Stjepan Radić” and “Cvjetno naselje” went through complete reconstruction – brand new furniture, insulation, facades, environment, sports facilities, rooms with refrigerators, etc.


Accommodations for participants will be in the Students’ village “Stjepan Radić”, at the address of Jarunska cesta 2 in Zagreb, Croatia. The village encompasses 12 pavilions and one central building, which houses the restaurants and a number of other services.


The accreditation centre is within the Athletes Village. Once you’ve received your accreditation, you’ll need to proceed to the reception to check-in and receive the key to your room.


Please keep in mind that the common areas of the pavilions are monitored via CCTV cameras.


On your day of departure, you’re required to check-out by 12.00 hours (noon). We understand that your actual departure time might be later, so you can store your luggage at the reception for later pickup.


The working hours will be 0-24. Aside from checking in and out, you can also leave your keys there while you’re away from the dormitories. In fact, we strongly recommend that you do so. It’s safer and there’s less chance of them becoming lost.


In fact, while we’re at it – and we’ll get to this in detail later - losing your key is going to be particularly expensive. They’re hard to replace, so we advise you not to lose it.



Damages and House Rules


There is no deposit for accommodation on EUCC 2019. That doesn't mean you won't be charged for damages in case they occur. Keep in mind, we do have cameras for the common areas – and rooming lists, so there is a way to determine who’s responsible.


An inventory list will be available, in addition to the House Rules, of the Athletes’ village, in each room. This list will include an itemized list of furniture inside the room and how much they cost. You’ll be held liable for any damages caused in the room – we’ll check the rooms after you return the key during check-out.





There are two categories of rooms. The 12th pavilion (referees) is a bit different from the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th pavilions. Depending on where you’re quartered, the rooms will be different and we’ll be going into detail about those here.


Air conditioning, for example, is not available. There are electric outlets, but we advise you against trying to bring a mobile air-conditioning unit into a room even if you have one – the electrical grid might not be able to cope with the demands. It was designed with only a few small items in mind – computers, hair dryers, refrigerators.


Bed linens will be provided and ready when you check into your rooms. If you really need them replaced (like, say, spilling tea over them) you can request new ones at the desk on the ground floor in each pavilion.


Bathrooms are joint ones, with each floor having one complete with toilets and showers. Soap is available there; towels and shower gels will be available in each room. In the event you run out, there is a grocery store in the central section of the – you can buy replacement ones there – or ones more in line with your personal tastes.


This finally brings us to the 12th pavilion. This pavilion is reserved for referees.  That said, there is one major difference. Bathrooms aren’t by floor – bathrooms are shared by two rooms, but are otherwise private.



Hotel Accommodation


Accommodation for VIP and EUSA Family guests has been arranged at Zagreb's Hotel International. Situated on Miramarska street, number 24, the Hotel is located in the general vicinity of the Zagreb city centre and close to the city's main railway station. The hotel is some 20 minutes away from the Athletes' Village by vehicle or public transportation.

Accommodation at Hotel International has been arranged with single rooms. Breakfast is included in the hotel's restaurant, though lunch and dinner have been arranged in the Athletes' Village. For any further request, the Hotel's professional staff stands at your disposal.