Student dormitory ready for the first arrivals

Student campus “Stjepan Radić” is located in the heart of the city Zagreb, near the river Sava because of what its popular name is also “Sava”. The village encompasses 12 pavilions and one central building, which houses the restaurants and a number of other services. It has the capacity for more than 4000 people.


Besides the river Sava, near the student campus, you can find Sports park Mladost, Faculty of Kinesiology (that’s why the great population of Sava are kinesiology students) as same as a shopping centre and Lake Jarun. It also has a lot of trees and green areas in the yard for enjoying your free time. 


Along with accommodation capacity, Sava offers a lot. In the campus area, there are two restaurants for athletes, gym, cinema and games room, dance hall and shop. Lots of cafes and clubs surround the campus, among which our favourite club Roko, as same as places to eat. 


During the EUSA Combat Championship, student dormitory Stjepan Radić will become a small international city in the middle of Zagreb with more than 1300 student-athletes from all over Europe. When combined with our beautiful volunteers, officials and all in charge of this great event in Zagreb, we are definitely expecting a spectacle and fun time together.