Kickboxing Day2: Champions of tatami!

On the second day of the EUSA Combat Championship, semi-final fights took place in the ring and the tatami, and the first medals were won by the tatami competitors. In the “Dom sportova”  hall in Zagreb, kickboxers competed in 9 categories and champions were known in four.


Ryan Sean from the Technological university of Dublin won the gold medal in the -63kg category, while his colleague Jordan White was first in the -74kg category.

Ryan Sean spoke about his impressions after the match. “It was a really tough fight. This place is amazing, the atmosphere feels very professional, it's great to be here,” said Sean.


Gold medalist Jordan White, Ryans best friend, was happy and satisfied with the result after the match. "It was really good. We feel like a professional, everything is brilliant, although this is an amateur competition. I played a lot of WAKO championships, but this is my first EUSA competition,” declared White.


The representative of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens Papadopoulos Prodromos was awarded the gold medal in the category up to 84kg, and in the category over 84kg the highest podium was taken by Rohonczi Jeno from the University of Physical Education from Hungary.


Tomorrow we will watch the final matches in the ring, in the categories -67kg, -71kg, -75kg, -81kg, -86.


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