Karate final day - female

The last day of the karate competition brought us a lot of excitement.


In the female competition, gold medals were divided into eight categories. First gold medallists of the day were in katas competitions. In the individual category, the champion has become Terryana Danofrio from the University of Rome, and in team kata competition girls from the University of Malaga were crowned. 


After that, the girls started with fights. Three girls from the home University of Zagreb won gold medals – Jelena Pehar in the category under 50kg, Anita Tadić in under 68kg and Lucija Lesjak in the category over 68kg. Zenira Bektaš from the University of Sarajevo also won a gold medal in the category under 61kg. After her fight against an opponent from North Macedonia, she said: "I am very satisfied with the organization. It was a very strong competition. I had very strong fights, but I was prepared for that. I was very satisfied with a gold medal at the end."


At the end of the day, girls finished their competition Kumite team category. The team from Ukraine finished on the 1st place after won against Austrian University of Linz.