Judo: The second day of the male competition

The second day of the Judo European University Championships started at 10 am. The fights were played on three tatamis in the Hall of "Dom sportova 1". The fights were in three male categories.


Medal winners in male categories:

In the 81-90kg category, the gold medal was won by Viktor Makukha, the silver medal was won by Marc Sabater Brau and the third place went to Lucas Hullet and Ramon Roca Pinilla.


In the 90- 100kg category, the gold medal was won by Yevhen Veher, silver by Dominik Majowski, and bronze by Daniel Moskal and Antony Segard.


In the over 100kg category, the gold medal was won by Vasilije Vujičić, silver by Nodar Machutadze, and bronze by Harun Sadiković and Adrien Geoffroy.


"Since I was in college for the first time, this is a huge success for me. The organization is great and the atmosphere fantastic. The next competition I go to is the European Championship in Helsinki and I hope to win a gold medal there too, '' said Vasilije Vijičić.


“Congratulations to all the organizers of this competition. I'm very pleased, this is my third medal. I won gold in Rijeka and now bronze, '' said Harun Sadiković.


"It's the first time I'm in a competition like this, and it's a great success for me to win a medal," said Dominic Majowski.

Tomorrow is the last day of the competition and we are expecting fights in mix teams.
Following the award of the medals, we are expected to have the closing ceremony of the competition.