First day of the competition - Karate

Karate is a sport with the most competitors in Zagreb, so the day in Bojan Stranić” hall was full of interesting fights and katas. 


Athletes from 31 countries and 183 universities are competing in karate. Kate female team competition was the first competition of the day and the girls from Montenegro and the Turkey Celal Bayar University of Manisa reached 3rd places. After that, first fights were in a women category under 50kg.  Sara Radichevska from North Macedonia won all of her matches and she will fight against home athlete Jelena Pehar in a final. 


In the male kata category, bronze medallists are Wroclaw from Poland and Spanish University of Valencia. Two teams from Turkey are going to the finals. Individual kata competition was one of the most numerous competitions by athletes. At the end of the “show”, we will see Julian Smolinga from Slovakia and Botond Nagy in the final competition. We are eager for “the Italian final” in women individual kata competition too, between Noemi Nicosanti and Terryana Donofrio from the University of Rome.  


At the end of the day, girls started their competition in team Kumite category. After her match against Bosnian team from Sarajevo, Angela Mojsovska from North Macedonia said: ”This is not my first time in Croatia, but it is on one University competition. We were in Sutomore before this tournament and we were prepared very good. We started very well this competition and I hope we will earn some medal.”


Coach of University of Zagreb, Dario Maravić, also shared his impression after matches against Slovakian team:  “As a team, we expected more. Two of our teams are defeated. We have one individual final and after tomorrow we will know are we are good in individual categories.”