First day of competition - Judo fights

On the first day of the EUSA Combat Championship, judo players competed in four female and three male categories. The matches were held on three tatamis at the "Dom Sportova, 1" in Zagreb.


In the male 60kg competition, Raoul Theo (UPD) took first place, beating down the rival Samotug Kyryl (SST), followed by Milić Nemanja (NIS) and Mendes Francisco (UCO).


"I am pleased with the third place, although I know I could have given a lot more to this championship. I am participating in the University Championship for the first time, and in the following, I am waiting for the European Cup which is being held in Romania. The conditions for training this sport are great in my club, which gives me the motivation to move forward, '' Milić said.


In the men's 66kg category, the best was Zadro Petar (UMO), the silver medal was won by Boros Bence (PCE) and the bronze medal went to Philipp Leon Cedric (UHA) and Balague Remi (INC).


“I am very happy and pleased with my success. I defeated the Hungarian, whom I had fought before. Two weeks ago the same opponent defeated me in this very hall. It's not my first time competing in the Universities Championship, two years ago I finished third in Rijeka, '' said Zadro.


In the men's 73kg competition, Khomula Artem (SST) won the gold medal, silver won by Rubiano Alexandre (UBX), with third place being shared by Hegedus Bendeguz (UPE) and Gabler Alexander (EAS). 


As said, girls competed in four categories.


In the women's 48kg category, the best was Costa Catarina (UCO), the second was Urlich Mira (WGK), and third place was Strum Lisanne (UMZ) and Dengg Lisa (SZB).

 In the women's 52kg category, the gold medal was won by Raw Anna (UCF), silver Babio Nawaliatou (SXB), and bronze by Kneting Emoke Zsuzsanna (PEC) and Brochot Noemie (SXB). 


In the 57kg category, Ruiz Muro Maria (VAL) took the first place, Pannetier Anael (ORL) took second place, followed by Bonnet Betty (ORL) and Briant Mathilde (ORL).

In the 63kg category, Padilla Guerrero Sarai (FVU) was the best, Machnicka Vanessa (PUT) was second, and Arleta Podolak (CES) and Antipina Anastasiia (SST) were third. 


"It was hard for me, but I was sure I could do it. I'm competing in a university competition for the third time. It was the first time I won a bronze medal and now a gold one, '' said Ruiz Muro Maria.


The rest of the categories will be fought tomorrow.